Historical Christmas market - one of the oldest and biggest in Europe

A historical Christmas Market

It was in 1570 that the first Christmas Market "Christkindelsmärik" (the Christ Child’s Market in the Alsace dialect) was held in Strasbourg. Initially at the foot of the Cathedral, it was then moved from Place Kléber to Place Broglie at the end of the 19th century.
Historically the market started the week before Christmas until Midnight Mass on Christmas day. Christmas trees, dolls and wooden toys were sold along with candles and gingerbread. At the end of the 20th century, all the city squares were offering Christmas markets, including the Petite France (Benjamin Zix square). Nowadays nearly every village in Alsace has it’s own Christmas Market.

Le Marché de Noël de Strasbourg est l'un des plus anciens et l'un des plus grands d'Europe


Strasbourg, Christmas Capital

Nowadays about 300 chalets are set up all over the city each year, a figure justifying the title of Christmas capital. Regularly elected "World’s Best Christmas Market", it takes place in over 9 different parts of the city.

Schedule 2018 :

24th November to 30th December : 11a.m - 8p.m (nocturnal until 9p.m on Friday and until 10p.m on Saturday evenings)
24th December : 11a.m – 6p.m / 25th December : closed

Strasbourg Christmas Market 2017


Place Broglie

Traditional Christmas market with a hundred cottage. Ideal for finding Christmas décorations, tasting local pastries and enjoying a glass of mulled wine.

Marché de Noël de la Cathédrale
Place de la Cathédrale

At the foot of Strasbourg's gothic Cathedral in the picturesque heart of the Alsatian capital.

Marché des Délices de Noël
Place du Marché-aux-Poissons

Bredele, beers and Alsatian wines : the terrace of Palais Rohan is devoted this year to the culinary traditions.

Village du Partage
Place Kléber

The place is reserved for nearly 100 charities and humanitarian organizations that share their solidarity actions. The idea is to continue the tradition of depositing donations at the foot of the Grand Sapin located on Place Kléber.

Village du Pays Invité (guest country)
Place Gutenberg

This year puts Icelandic artisans in the limelight. Between gastronomic specialities, traditional songs and folk dances, Iceland is well represented in the Alsatian Christmas Market.

Marché des Irréductibles Petits Producteurs d'Alsace
Place des Meuniers

This market organized by small local producers is centred on Alsatian products.

Marché des Rois Mages
Place Benjamin-Zix

The "Three Kings Market" is ideally located in the heart of the Petite France, in the historic district of Strasbourg, a few meters from the Restaurant L'Oignon (4 rue des Moulins).

Marché du Carré d'Or
Place du Temple-Neuf

This is the market organized by the Carré d'Or's Association, shopping district of Strasbourg.

Marché OFF de Noël
Place Grimmeissen

On the "OFF Market", a few steps from the Restaurant L'Oignon, discover a different world: concerts, lates for adults, Do It Yourself workshops, tastings, afterworks, conférences... More than sixty events are proposed to you.

Strasbourg, capitale de Noël