The Pont du Faisan, unique rotating bridge of Strasbourg city centre

The main attraction of the Petite France

Only a few meters from the restaurant, le Pont du Faisan (also called Pont Tournant, meaning rotating bridge) is the most atypical monument of this part of the city.
Centuries before, a drawbridge used to lift up and down, letting through merchant boats. At the end of the 19th century however, this was replaced by a horizontally-rotating bridge. Modernised again in 1990 with the addition of a hydraulic system, it is activated at each passage of the tourist boats. The bridge is a great place for visitors to appreciate the magnificent panorama that is "Petite France".

Le Pont Tournant, à deux pas du Restaurant L'Oignon à Strasbourg Petite France

Visiting Strasbourg by boat on the Ill river

One of the most popular ways of visiting the city is by river-boat, allowing the passengers to discover Strasbourg from a different perspective. From the docks they navigate through the Petite France, and onwards to the many European Institutions.

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Le Pont Tournant, rue des Moulins à Strasbourg Petite France